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Shoreline Management Permits

The Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana, is charged with regulating all activity on the leaseback area around Toledo Bend Reservoir. The “leaseback” area is the area between the “taking line” and the 172 ft. msl contour. This area is owned by the Sabine River Authority and used to protect the integrity of the water of the Reservoir, to inundate at times of high water events, and to regulate activities and structures located in this area. The area is “leased back” to the adjoining fee property owner, allowing access to the lake and the building of boat houses, piers, sea walls, etc.


The application and general information files below are provided for your convenience.

It is not necessary to come to SRA Headquarters in person. We request that you call the office, or send an email providing your name, phone, proper name or instrument number of your deed and any existing permit numbers posted.

The Shoreline Staff will research your specific data, call to discuss your concerns and schedule a site meet with you at your property.


If you need additional information please call or email:


Chad Strother – (318) 256-4112 or (800) 259-5253 (toll-free)



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